How do I create Workplace Priority Groups and Priority Notifications?

You can prioritize your Workplace groups so that they appear at the top of your News Feed.

Prioritize your groups

  1. From your News Feed, click Groups and people.
  2. Click the Prioritized tab.
  3. Select a group from the list and click Add.
You can also prioritize a group by visiting it, clicking at the top of the page and then selecting Prioritize under Follow options.
When you prioritize a group, new content from that group will appear at the top of your News Feed and the group will be pinned to the top of your groups list.
Prioritized Groups will appear on the left panel of your Workplace, and a Priority tab will appear at the top of your notifications.

Priority notifications include:

  • Posts and updates from your priority groups
  • Tags
  • Replies
  • Mentions
  • Safety Check alerts
  • Posts marked as important
  • Post and membership approvals (for group admins)
Other notifications will appear under the More section, below the Priority notifications.

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